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Turkey, Pasture Raised - Organic Fed

Gather your family and friends around a turkey you can be proud of--and not just because you're a stellar cook. ***Don't wait to order: We're happy to hold your turkey until closer to Thanksgiving. Leave a comment so I know if you want it at your selected delivery or another date!***

Click the picture for more information. This is a one-time pre-order that will process in a cart on its own, separately from a regular "pick up" order. Humanely treated, ethically produced. From poult to processing our turkeys are doted on and offered regional, regeneratively-grown certified organic grains to supplement their free-ranging diet of grass and bugs. Moved regularly to fresh pasture, the turkeys give back to our land as much as they take from it, leaving our fields ultimately greener than they started.

Also? They are DELICIOUS! The most common feedback we get is that ours is the juiciest turkey they've ever had.