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Whole Beef (Deposit)

Whole Beef (Deposit)

custom cut whole beef

Limited Time: $6.25/lb Hanging Weight


Non refundable deposit on one whole custom cut grass fed, grass finished beef raised by our partner farm, Heritage Trail in Prosperity, PA

LIMITED TIME:  WHOLE BEEF PRICING IS $6.35/lb of hanging weight!  Limited quantity available. Effective 2/5/24 to 2/15/24. 

Note:  Note: Disregard the dates offered on checkout.  I will follow up to let you know when your beef will be going to the processor.  Don't hesitate to email or text with any questions.

Buying a whole beef saves you hundreds of dollars and lets you take full advantage of customization.  Not ready to put a full beef in your freezer?  Share it with friends. (Max two cut sheets per whole beef purchased)

When you order a custom beef, you customize the butchering instructions to best suit your household:  do you like your steaks thick or thin?  More roasts or more ground?  Want to keep the bones and organs?  (New to this? Don't worry.  I'll help!)

This non refundable deposit is applied to the final cost of your beef, a grass fed, grass finished beef raised by Heritage Trail Farms in Prosperity, PA.

Final half beef cost is $6.75/lb hanging weight, inclusive of processing charge, delivery of live animal to processor and transport of meat back to our farm for pick up. LIMITED TIME:  WHOLE BEEF PRICING IS $6.35/lb of hanging weight!  Limited quantity available. Effective 2/5/24 to 2/15/24.

Hanging weight is the carcass weight of the animal after skin, organs, etc are removed.  Hanging weight is greater than the actual cut "packaged weight" you take home, due primarily to loss of water and bone. 

Expect hanging weight of a whole beef to be around 500-700 lbs (average 600).

This in turn "bones out" to the cut weight which, after a loss of water, gristle, bones, etc. gives you 47-57% of your hanging weight  as take home weight.  (Average 53%; varies depending on animal and cutting Instructions)

So for example, a 1200 lb live animal may hang at 650 lbs (your price per lb is applied here), and yield approximately 345 lbs of take home cuts., which would fit snugly in 12 cu ft of freezer space  

Your average price per lb of take home meat would be approximately $12.72.  Limited time offer: average per lb cost is $11.96

Remaining balance is due as cash or check at time of pick up.  (Credit card payment of balance is available for 3% additional charge.)

Questions? don't hesitate to contact us at or by call/text to 724-250-8750