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100% Grass Fed

Ruminants like sheep and cattle are designed to eat grass, not grain. Lamb, veal and beef from animals that are 100% Grass Fed have more Omega 3 fatty acids (the anti-inflammatory fat that makes fish so good for you); more vitamins and minerals; no GMOs, hormones or antibiotics and are more environmentally friendly than their grain-fed counterparts.
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Pasture Raised

Pasture Raised meat comes from animals that spend their days outside on grass with fresh air and sunshine--as nature intended. At Old Road Farm, when the grass is growing, the animals are on it. We intensively manage pasture rotations to promote optimal wellbeing of animal, field and forage.
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Not all animals can live well on grass alone: pigs and poultry are omnivores like us who require grain in order to thrive. The certified organic grain we offer comes from a *regenerative* organic farm in nearby New York. No GMOs, no hormones, no antibiotics.
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