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Dairy Herdshare

Dairy Herdshare

One Share

One share of our dairy herd, equivalent to the amount of the herd producing one gallon of milk per week.

All the perks; none of the work.

Have you ever wanted to own a cow--without the work and space required to actually keep a cow?  

To enjoy fresh, raw milk--without actually needing to milk a cow every day?

Enter the dairy cattle herdshare.

A herdshare is when a group of people jointly own one or more cows.  After buying a refundable share of the herd, each member pays the farmer a monthly "board and service" fee for the housing, care and milking of their cows.  In return, herdshare members are entitled to their share of milk from their share of the herd, typically around 1 gallon per share per week.

At The Old Road Farm we keep a small herd of jersey cows. After four years of milking just for us, we're ready to share.  Joining our dairy herdshare is the best way to ensure your household access to raw milk.

Interested? Place an order for this item and I will follow up with details.  Leave an order comment so that I am alerted to your order:  either just leave "herdshare info, please" or comment with any questions you have.

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