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Farmer's Choice Bundle

Farmer's Choice Bundle

35+ lbs of mixed meats

Let us curate a box for you!

This bundle contains a mix of our organic fed, pasture raised chickens and pork and our grass fed, grass finished lamb, beef and veal at an amazing deal.  Order as many units as you'd like to fill your freezer with maximum variety.  (Don't care for lamb or veal, or choose to avoid pork? We can customize; let us know.)

Each bundle will contain approximately 35-36 lbs of meat including roasts, steaks, chops, ground, sausage, etc.

Feel free to leave an order comment with some information about how you like to cook, what you like to cook, how many people you are feeding, and what your preferred quantities are of a given cut (for example, two pork chops doesn't do my family much good; we need six at a time).   This will help me immensely as I put together your bundle!!

Also let me know if you are willing to accept packages from our "family pile."  Family pile packages are the ones that are larger, smaller,  oddly shaped or have slight packaging defects and are available at a strong discount.  Accepting family pile packs can substantially increase the number of pounds and overall value of your bundle.  Subject to availability.