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Winter Farm Club

Winter Farm Club

Three Meat Boxes

Sample the Farm and SAVE


A collection of farm customer favorites at a very special price. Some things you know you love, some things that might surprise you!

Closed for season!  If we have sufficient inventory, we can make you a "farm club bundle" of all 36lbs at once.  Inquire by adding this product to your cart and checking out.  Be sure you are on our email list (scroll down) to hear when we open farm club again.

An assortment of our most loved pasture raised meats curated for the season and delivered to you as a monthly delivery (to the pick up location of your choice) of approximately 10-14 lbs of meat each month, January to March. 

Each share includes bacon, sausage, steaks, chops, ground meat, chicken cuts and roasts from all the meat we raise, bundled into a special, curated package at a special price.

As an added thank you, Farm Club members receive a 5% discount on eggs and meat "by the cut" for the duration of the deliveries, an insulated The Old Road Farm tote bag, and first dibs on our upcoming Farmhand Stash sale.

Space is limited.

Questions? Email me or send a text to 724-250-8750

**Farm Pick Up will be assigned to a given Saturday each month (CSA members, to coincide with your egg pick up)

**Strip District is the first Thursday of the month (12/4, 2/1, 3/7) 

**Mt Lebanon is the second Monday (1/8, 3/12, 2/11) 

Out of town one month? No worries, we can still get you your meat another day.

Want all three months of meat, all at once?
  We have limited availability for this, this season but are happy to try! Leave an order comment and we will try to accommodate.