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Veal Shoulder Chop

Veal Shoulder Chop

Two Bone-In Chops
$16.00 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.

Two veal shoulder chops from our 100% grass fed, grass finished Rose Veal (Average package weight, 1lb)

100% grass fed and finished veal shoulder chops are great all year round! We cook them on the grill in the summer and in the slow cooker or add them to stews in the winter! 

Veal shoulder chops are a bone-in steak cut from the front quarter of the animal. Each chop consists of lean muscle surrounding a piece of marrow-filled bone. As far as veal steaks go, these one-inch thick chops are on the larger side.

Because the shoulder meat is so lean and the muscles are pretty heavily used, these chops can be tough if not cooked properly. One option for making delicious chops is to cook them hot and fast to lock the moisture in. We recommend using your favorite marinade to begin tenderizing the muscle fibers and then cooking the chop just to medium rare.

Alternatively, shoulder chops are delicious when cooked low and slow in a braise. The meat becomes fork tender and, because the chops are so thin, does not take as long to cook as other slow-cooking cuts. 

Each package of Old Road Farm veal shoulder chops contains two chops and weighs roughly a pound. This is a great amount to feed two people. 

** All Old Road Farm Rose Veal is raised on pasture and fed exclusively grass and milk. The animals are grain-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free. Our veal is more sustainable, more humane, and more delicious than conventional veal! **