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Veal Loin Chop

Veal Loin Chop

Two Bone-In Chops
$17.00/lb. Avg. 12.5 oz.
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Two inch-thick loin chops from our 100% grass fed, grass finished Rose Veal.

Want to fire up the grill?  100% grass fed and finished veal loin chops on the grill are a true treat, year round! 

Veal loin chops are the veal equivalent of a porterhouse or t-bone steak. Each chop consists of a piece of NY Strip and a piece of tenderloin connected by a t-shaped bone. It is truly a best-of-both-worlds cut.

Grass fed veal is a lean meat with high levels of CLAs and protein which makes it extra healthy. The loin chop has a small fat cap running along the edge of the NY strip that adds extra flavor and juiciness to this cut. 

We recommend cooking this chop hot and fast on the grill or under the broiler. Make sure not to cook it past medium rare to keep the meat nice and tender. Veal loin chops are a faster cooking alternative to a large steak for nights when you are craving healthy protein, fast. 

Each package of Old Road Farm veal loin chops contains two, inch-thick chops.

** All Old Road Farm Rose Veal is raised on pasture and fed exclusively grass and milk. The animals are grain-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free. Our veal is more sustainable, more humane, and more delicious than conventional veal! **