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Six Cut Chickens - CSA Exclusive

Six Cut Chickens - CSA Exclusive

18 Packs

$300+ value


Six organic fed, pasture raised chickens cut and separated into family favorite cuts.

Convenient packages of convenient cuts from our organic fed, pasture raised chickens.

With this pack in your freezer, it's easy to eat according to your values of health, sustainability and responsible food production!

This is equal to more than six whole chickens cut and separated, plus some versatile ground chicken.

  • Twelve of boneless, skin-on breasts (six packs of two)
  • Twelve thighs (three packs of four)
  • Twelve drumsticks (three packs of four)
  • Twenty wings (two packs of ten)
  • Two pounds of ground chicken (two, one lb packs) 
  • Two packs of backs, for broth

The first step to eating according to your values and goals is getting the meat into your freezer. This is a great way to stock up!