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Milk for Pets - jar swap

Milk for Pets - jar swap

1/2 gallon with

Select this item if you DO have one of our jar/lid combos to return in exchange for your new milk. Otherwise, $6 refundable jar deposit applies.

One half gallon of raw cow's milk for pet consumption, exlcuding $6 jar deposit, when you bring our jar/lid combo for exchange.

This is the same milk our family consumes, but as we are not a licensed dairy, this milk is not legally eligible for human consumption.

Milk is subject to availability.  

Pre-ordered milk is available for pickup at the farm on Tuesdays between 2pm-7pm, Saturdays 11am-4pm, and Thursdays at Washington's Main Street Farmer's Market (May to Oct, 3-6pm).  

Add this item to your cart and *leave a comment* with your preferred pickup day and time.  I will confirm that we will have enough milk for you and put you on the schedule.

For a more reliable supply of milk, check out our Dairy Cattle Herdshare.