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Egg CSA 2024 - Half Share

Egg CSA 2024 - Half Share

2 dozen eggs/month for a year

Secure your supply of organic fed, pasture raised eggs by joining our Egg CSA.

One HALF SHARE CSA membership is for 2 dozen eggs picked up once per month for a year (24 dozen).

When you are a HALF SHARE CSA member:

  • your supply is secured.  I won't sell more CSA shares than I can provide eggs to.
  • you get a free farm tour or chore experience
  • you get a special place in our hearts. I love knowing exactly for whom I am collecting eggs.
  • NEW: you get 15% off a stay in our airbnb or our camping-made-easy campsite

Use more than 2 dozen per month?  Us too. Check out our Full Share CSA membership, where you can save some cash and secure a more eggs each month.

Eggs will be available for pick up at our regular drops: Strip District, South Hills, Farm, Main Street Farmer's Market (in season).  To manage the flow of eggs, farm pick up customers will be assigned to one specific week/month.

Need a payment plan? Send me an email.