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1/8 Beef Bundle

1/8 Beef Bundle

35lbs of Grassfed Beef

Limited Time EXTRA Savings, $13.85/lb

Save $42.00

A bundle of assorted grass fed, grass finished beef to approximate one eighth of one beef from our partner farm Heritage Trail.

-  For this limited time offer, the per pound price is $13.85, which is the same as a pack of our ground beef. (Want to save more?  Check out our quarter beef bundle and custom Half Beef)

Delivery date depends on beef processing dates.  Ignore the date on the order, and I will be in touch.

Interested in bulk beef value and convenience, without buying half a cow or dealing with cut sheets?  The eighth beef bundle is for you!

Each bundle contains 35 pounds of grass fed beef, consisting of approximately:

(2) Boneless Ribeye Steaks
(2) NY Strip Steaks
(2) Filet Steaks
(1) Sirloin Steak 
(2) Chuck Roast 
(1-2) other roasts: eye of round, round, rump, sirloin tip, etc. 
(4)  Stew Beef, Stir Fry, Chip Steak and/or Burger Patties 
(15) Ground Beef
(1) Bone-In Short Ribs
(1) Bag of bones

Availability is subject to inventory.  Add this to your cart, check out, and I'll be in touch. (Your card won't be charged until I've confirmed with you)