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1/4 Beef Bundle

1/4 Beef Bundle

70 lbs of Grassfed Beef

Bulk Savings. Just $13.75/lb


A bundle of assorted grassfed, grass finished beef to approximate one quarter of one of our Heritage Trail Farms beef

Delivery date depends on beef processing dates and availability.  I will be in touch with anticipated delivery before your card is processed.

Interested in bulk beef value and convenience, without buying half a cow or needing to figure out cutting Instructions?
The quarter beef bundle is for you.

Each bundle contains 70 lbs of grass fed, grass finished beef, made up of approximately:

(10-12) Premium Steaks including Bone-in Ribeye. Delmonico, NY Strip, Filet, T-Bone, Porterhouse
(2) Other steaks which might include sirloin, skirt, flank, hanger
(5-6) Roasts which might include chuck, eye of round, rump, sirloin tip, brisket, etc.
(8) lbs of Stew Beef, Stir Fry meat, Chip Steak and/or Burger Patties 
(30-35) lbs Ground Beef
(1-2) packs of Bone-In Short Ribs
(1) bag of bones

Availability is subject to inventory.  Add this to your cart, check out, and I'll be in touch. (Your card won't be charged until we confirm availability/dates and I actually pull your bundle together)

You can add organs and more to your order separately, as available.

Feel free to leave an order comment letting me know your favorite steaks and roasts and your preferred average roast sizes.  I'll do my best to match your wishes.

70lbs of beef will fit in 2-3 cubic feet of freezer space.