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Evening Farm Chore Experience - 9/17

Evening Farm Chore Experience - 9/17

1 Person

Join us for magic hour on the farm!

Saturday, September 17th. 5:30-8:00pm

We never know what extra fun might crop up during chore time, but we can count always on beautiful scenery, sweet animals, and a bit of exercise in the fresh evening air.

Truly, evenings are my favorite time to be in the pastures. I'd love to share them with you.

Join us while we care for chickens, pigs, cows, sheep and more. You can grab a bucket and help, or just walk along and take it all in!

This evening experience is best suited for adults. Responsible children who are interested in farming are welcome to join with a parent accompanying.

Your ticket includes a dozen eggs (collected by you) and 5% off your next farm order.


Purchase of this ticket means you understand ours is a working farm complete with hazards including but not limited to uneven terrain, electric fences, rusty nails, unpredictable animals, scratchy plants, wind, weather and acts of God.

You agree to:

-Use good judgment about how you participate

-Hold harmless the farm and all it's employees, owners and affiliates should anything funky or unpleasant happen while you're here.

-Have a good time!

We suggest:

-sturdy shoes

-long pants

-gloves, if you like to use them (I do)


-using the restroom before you arrive