Farm Member Add On: Cut My Chickens

Order one per six chickens
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We think whole chickens are the bees knees, but also appreciate variety and convenience! Sometimes you just want a pack of thighs.

Farm members, use this add on to cut up six of your Membership Chickens and separate them by part.

You will get:

  • Six packs of two boneless, skin on breasts
  • Three packs of four thighs
  • Three packs of four drumsticks
  • One or two packs of wings (10-12, depending on how they are packaged by the processor)
  • Two packs of three meaty backs

Receive all of your cut chicken parts in one delivery. They take up less space than a banker box.

Don't need all this at once? You can always order chicken cuts a la carte and use your 5% discount!