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Veal Skirt Steak

Veal Skirt Steak

One small steak
$15.00/lb. Avg. 3.4 oz.
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One skirt steak from our 100% grass fed, grass finished Rose Veal.

Taco Tuesday is always cause for celebration in our house, especially when we are making tacos with our 100% grass fed, humanely raised rose veal skirt steak!

Veal skirt steak is cut from the middle section of the cow. It is a thin muscle that attaches to the inside of ribs. Each skirt steak consists of lean muscle with a relatively thick grain and a lot of flavor. Our pasture raised rose veal is full of nutrients such as vitamin B6 and riboflavin which makes this cut a great healthy protein choice for your family.

Because skirt steak is so thin, it cooks up super quickly and is a wonderful option for getting dinner on the table after a long, busy day. We recommend marinating the steak or seasoning it with your favorite spice rub before cooking it hot and fast on the grill or in a pan. Make sure to add a good amount of cooking fat to the pan to help this lean cut stay nice and juicy. After cooking, cut the skirt steak across the grain and serve in tacos, on a steak salad, or simply alongside your favorite farm fresh veggies. 

Each Package of Old Road Farm veal skirt steak weighs roughly a quarter of a pound which is enough for one small serving.  

** All Old Road Farm Rose Veal is raised on pasture and fed exclusively grass and milk. The animals are grain-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free. Our veal is more sustainable, more humane, and more delicious than conventional veal! **