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Picnic Shoulder

Picnic Shoulder

One "Picnic" Pork Shoulder
$11.00/lb. Avg. 3.94lb .
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The Picnic Shoulder loves slow cooking, whether in a smoker, slow cooker or insta pot. It can also be used in stews or roasted whole.

Average Shoulder is 3.9 pounds

Our pork is raised in sunshine and fresh air, on rotated pastures. Their salad bar diet is supplemented by CERTIFIED ORGANIC, regeneratively grown, regionally-produced grain and GRASSFED MILK from our own sweet dairy cows.

The magic combination of milk, sunshine and grass results in tender, flavorful pork with more vitamins and minerals than conventional pork and a fatty acid profile that's actually good for your health! None of the "other white meat" here, our pork's deep color reveals its superior taste and nutrition.

Hogs eat a lot of grain; by using only certified organic feed we ensure that our meat has no pesticide buildup and contains no GMOs. Of course, we don't use any antibiotics, steroids or hormones, either.