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Farm Member Add On: Cut Chickens

Six Chickens, Cut and Separated
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Farm Member Add-On Only

Six of our organic fed, pasture raised chickens cut and separated for you into the following:

  • six packages of boneless breasts (2 per)
  • three packages of drumsticks (4 per)
  • three packages of thighs (4 per)
  • two packages of whole wings (6 per)
  • two packages of backs (3 per)

Average weight is >24 lbs, so average price is $6.25 or less per pound plus $5 per chicken for processing and packaging.

This is by far the cheapest way to get these cuts--and the only way to be sure we'll have them for you.

Prices likely to increase after 8/15.

Just like with the membership dues, helping us with our big spring/summer capital investments translates to savings for you!