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Family Friendly Farm Tour - POSTPONED

Family Friendly Farm Tour - POSTPONED

1 Family

**Postponed due to weather**

Join us Saturday, October 1st. 11:30am - 1pm for a gentle walk around the farm to visit all the animals.

We'll see pigs (big and small), chickens, cows, sheep, ducks, cats, dogs and more!

We'll look at cool plants and maybe taste some edible ones, too.

If we finish our rounds early, families can wade through our jungle of a garden to pop a few tomatoes into mouths, wander down to put toes in the creek, or climb the hill and check out our new campsite.

All ages are welcome on this tour (with or without children). While we will move slowly, there is still a good amount of walking required over hilly ground which can be uneven.

Your ticket includes a dozen eggs (you might be able to collect them yourselves!) and 5% off your next farm order.


Purchase of this ticket means you understand ours is a working farm complete with hazards including but not limited to uneven terrain, electric fences, rusty nails, unpredictable animals, scratchy plants, wind, weather and acts of God.

You agree to:

-Use good judgment about how you participate

-Hold harmless the farm and all it's employees, owners and affiliates should anything funky or unpleasant happen while you're here.

-Follow instructions about interacting with the animals and where to walk, and be responsible for your children doing the same.

-Have a good time!

We suggest:

-sturdy shoes

-long pants (my kids roam in shorts, but the grass can be itchy and hens peck at bare ankles)


-having everyone use the restroom before you arrive